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SI Play Mobile App

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Sports Illustrated Play TeamWall 

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NOTE: The SI PLAY Mobile App is a new version of this app.  An excellent communication tool for coaches and team parents to input practice & game schedules, or other events like snack bar duties, who’s turn it is to bring the game snacks, etc.  Multiple locations have already been pre-entered, you can even set up automatic attendance reminders and automatic event notifications.


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Coaches, this is an excellent tool to learn how to score a game as well as collect statistics on your team and individual players. You do not have to subscribe or purchase anything.  Up to 3 individuals can be designated as an administrator with complete access to the team’s site.  

Concussion Recognition & Response™ (CRR) from Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR)

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CDC Heads Up Concussion

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Concussions in Youth Athletes

Concussions are a major concern and can happen at any time especially in any sort of athletic activity.  These useful resources can help you spot a possible concussion and provide guidance if you suspect your child might have a concussion.

REQUIRED Concussion Training for ALL Managers and Coaches. Board Members are highly encouraged to also complete the training.


Little League University


A new education and training website from Little League for anyone involved in Little League including parents, volunteers, coaches, and league administrators (aka board members).  

Positive Coaching Alliance


Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit organization with the mission to transform the culture of youth sports so that youth athletes can have a positive, character-building experience.  Whether you’re a 1st time coach or a veteran coach, 1st time sport’s parent, coaching your own child, or would like some tips on how to avoid conflicts this site is a must for all.  

City of Riverside 311

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If you see something that needs to be fixed at our park like a broken light, dirty restrooms, leaking sprinklers, graffiti, etc., don’t hesitate report it right away using the City’s 311 service.

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